Wnt and regeneration

Metaplasia is thought to arise from genetic reprogramming of stem cells (for details, see, e.g., 5th ed. of this book, p49.), and the essence of iPS cell method consists in such reprogramming. However, tadpole tail regeneration is not metaplastic. So I wish to raise the following question:

Will Xenopus/Wnt research turn out to be more fruitful than iPS cell research?
Addendum primum:

Wnt’s role in regeneration research cannot be ignored.

Addendum secundum:

Pancreatic metaplasia is thought to represent a step in inflammation-mediated carcinogenesis.

Addendum tertium:

Wnt research is as fascinating as ever.

Addendum quartum:

Again, Wnt research is as fascinating as ever.

Addendum quintum:

Metaplasia is worth mentioning.

Addendum sextum:


By the way, Dr. Gurdon studied nuclear transplantation in Xenopus.