Ectodomains of two distinct isoforms of Drosophila DSCAM have been crystallized, which leads me to raise the following three questions:

1. Can we measure the homophilic binding force between full-length human DSCAM (hDSCAM) using AFM in solution?

2. Can we detect heterophilic binding of hDSCAM using yeast-two hybrid method?

3. What transports hDSCAM to the cell surface?

Addendum primum:

This paper has just reminded me of the importance of Drosophila system.

Addendum secundum:

For a visual explanation of being homo-/heterophilic, see here.

Addendum tertium:

It has just been reported that most of Drosophila DSCAM isoforms exhibit homophilic binding.

Addendum quartum:

I have just noticed this paper.

Addendum quintum:
Addendum sextum:

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