Restin/CLIP-170 is a member of +TIPs, and Rac effector IQGAP1 captures microtubule via CLIP-170.

So I wish to raise the following three questions:

1. Is Rap1A, upstream regulator of Rac, also involved in capturing of microtubule via human CLIP-170?

2. This work seems to need reevaluating. So, in human cells, some kind of motor protein targets CLIP-170 to the plus end of microtubule like S. cerevisiae and S. pombe cases?

3. If so, can we observe the transport of CLIP-170 along the microtubule using AFM in solution?

Addendum primum:

Truncated human CLIP-170-p150glued complex has been crystallized.

Addendum secundum:

Dimerization model for main +TIPs has been proposed.

Addendum tertium:

The EB1 homolog Mal3, the CLIP-170 homolog Tip1, and the kinesin Tea2 have been in vitro reconstituted.

Addendum quartum:

Does human CLIP-170 undergo hydroxylation?


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