Being a member of the Kinesin-13 family, murine KIF2A suppresses collateral branch extension of the neuron, and murine mitotic centromere-associated kinesin (MCAK) , which is also a member of the Kinesin-13 family, has already been crystallized.

So I wish to raise the following three questions:

1. Can we determine whether full-length human KIF2A is dimeric and whether it moves along the microtubule like human MCAK using AFM in solution (preferably in non-contact mode)?

2. Can we identify the vesicle(s) it transports more specifically than its murine ortholog’s case?

3. Does it antagonize human netrin-1‘s axon guidance function by some unknown mechanism(s)?

Addendum primum:

Two possibilities about functional overlapping between human KIF2A and KIF2B have been raised.