Notch binds to its ligand DSL to induce its intramolecular cleavage. So can we measure the binding force between full-length human Notch1 and its full-length human ligand (e.g. Delta1, Jagged1, Jagged2, and so on) using AFM?

Addendum primum:

The negative regulatory region of human Notch2 has recently been crystallized.

Addendum secundum:

I have been unaware of Notch’s role in regeneration medicine.

Addendum tertium:

I wish to raise the second question:

Can we observe the dynamics of Drosophila Notch’s conformational changes using AFM in solution?

Addendum quartum:

I have been unaware of Notch3’s role in ischemic stroke.

Addendum quintum:

I have just noticed this paper.

Addendum sextum:

I have just noticed this paper.